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Photos of Clouds in the Sky & What I See

I am currently writing a book on my paranormal photos ad will beĀ  adding a section of pictures that I have taken and have caught some pretty interesting things in.

I am not an expert in this field by any means. Can I explain why these things show up…No. Not sure why but there are some really unexplainable and interesting things in the photos. Everyone may see the same thing or something different. Some are very apparent and others are not/

I do try to circle the ones that are not that obvious, light, or I think that someone else may have a hard time seeing it.

I will be posting a some here so you can take a look yourself. These photos are authentic. Nothing has been added. The lighting may have been adjusted to enhance the figures that I see so that others can see them as well. I have not cut anything from the photos. If there is an electrical line house or anything else in the photo when I take it. I leave it in the photo.

Here are some of the photos that I have taken this week. I hope you enjoy them and there will be more to come.