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A Picture Tells a Thousand Stories

Good Day All! I had something that I really wanted to mention and find very intriguing about my spirit photos or anyone else’s spirit photos too I might add.

Sometimes when I tell you what I am seeing, this is what I am seeing at the moment. However sometimes I may go back to the very same photo and see something totally different. Also there may be different images overlapping other images in the photograph. I can look at it, look away and look back and see a totally different scene or person. I will sometimes see a person maybe looking to the left at a profile of their face and when I turn my head and look back, I then see them looking forward directly at me. I am not sure if you all see this or not so if you see something different than what I am saying that I am seeing this could be why.

I am not sure what the reason is for this but do have a couple ideas on what it could be. I can sometimes get an entire story out of a photograph. I will see a person, scenes from their life, and maybe a death scene all from one photo or a series of photos. This is something that I plan to get into at another time, in another blog. So if you find this interesting keep an eye out for it.

The other idea that I have for the reason that this happens is that it could be a case of multiple dimensions. They could be images overlapping images of different dimensions or timeframes. Again just a couple ideas. I am not sure why but it could be one of these reasons. I am open to any ideas that anyone may have. So if you have another thought on it I would be more than happy to hear from you and what your idea is.

The photos that I have included in this article are all of the sky again. I had a great day taking photos. There were a lot of clouds in the sky today as it was about to rain here.

Here goes my clowns again and if you have been reading my blogs you will know that clowns are a recurring theme in my photos. Why? I am not sure. But I guess I will have the answer one day. So in this photo I see a creepy looking clown, a woman with curly hair, and another woman in the lower left hand corner looking the other way.


This next photo is appears as a Victorian Era Woman With a large hat, high collar and wild curly hair she is holding a child to the right of her. This is where the image over image comes into play. They appeared very large in the sky and there is a face of a young girl above them and to the left upper corner there appears to be a man and a woman just sitting there.

kimg4348.4            kimg4348.5

This one looks like a woman with sunglasses on and a child to her right.



It appears that there are various people that appeared in this photo and I will leave it up to you what you will see in the circles.


The next one is a couple clowns again. There appears to be a woman laying down with flowers around her head with a clown leaning over next to her and there is a clown mask laying in front of her



This one looks like a person with a hat on who looks as if they are looking at dolls laying in front of them. KIMG4356


I will end in saying thank you to you all for taking interest in my blog and article subject. You are much appreciated!







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Caught Them at the Right Moment!

I first wanted to start out saying thank you to all of you that are now following me, liking my articles or even just visiting my blog! I really appreciate each and every one of you and your support so I felt that I had to start out with a big thank you to you all!! I look forward to hearing from you and being able to share my work with you and in turn I also am enjoying greatly everyone else’s work as well! You all are a very talented bunch!!! So thank you for your support and for sharing your work with me as well!

I put together some more photos to share. The first one was taken the night of the fire at the Vintage center hall colonial mansion last year. I did happen to get a lot of very good shots from the fire, but it was unfortunate that the home burned to the ground. The good thing was that no one was hurt in the fire! This photo you can see that I circled everything that I wanted to point out.There looks to be various forms including the huge woman’s head sticking out of the side of the house looking passed where I was standing when I took the photo. There are various other figures that may be obvious or could be very light so you will have to look closely at them.


This one is also of the fire. There looks for be a little child at the bottom right that is circled along with other faces that I have circled as well.


This one I have posted on my contact page and was the best photo of the night. You can see that I circled the face of a man wearing a baseball hat peeking from behind the chimney of the house. It turned out to be an incredible shot!


This is of the sky. I was walking across the yard and happened to notice this in the clouds so I took the shot. It looks like a small child sitting with toys in his lap. One being a clown doll, he has another toy that he is holding up to his mouth and is wearing very old clothing. It appears that there is another child sitting beside him and peering around just behind the clown doll. There is also a man sitting behind them both and various other people in the background.


This was also taken of the sky and is kind of fuzzy but you can make out the various faces which look like they are looking down at me. Now I don’t know why but it looks like the one on the bottom is a clown. I have no idea why I always seem to capture clowns in my photos but I do and you will notice them as a recurring theme in my photos.


There are various things going on in this photo of the clouds. It looks like there is a man in a hat with what looks like a steering wheel of a car in front of him with a man behind him with one eye closed. Then if you look at the man’s hat it looks like there is an man bending over looking forward. There are other things that I see but I will leave that up to you.


This is another photo taken of the clouds in the sky and hopefully you will see the profile of a woman with short curly hair wearing a white shirt. Up in the top left corner of the photo you can see a man’s face as well. A woman also appears in the back of her hair and there are other figures and faces as well. The first photo I smoothed out and the second is the original.

a0              a

I would like to say thank you again for all of your support and for following my blog! I look forward to seeing what you all do next and appreciate you very much!!!!

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What?!? Can you Imagine Walking Through Your House and Seeing This?

Good Day to all! I found a couple more photos that I would like to share with you. I was sitting in my living room chair one night watching TV, minding my business and happened to look over where my husband was sitting at his desk and was highly engrossed in his computer work and to my surprise I saw that he was not the only one that was engrossed in what he was doing as you can see in the following photo there seemed to be others watching over his shoulder which I was fortunate enough to catch in this photo! You can see my husband’s back in the lower left hand corner of the photo as he sat in his computer chair.




This one was captured during the day while I was going about my housework for the day. I was home alone while my husband was at work and as I walked from my kitchen into the living room I could see the window in my husbands office and happened to catch this photo that day.




Again another day that I was hoe alone I caught this one that looks as if there are people standing outside the window while a little boy appears to be climbing through the window over my airconditioner. Problem is the window above is closed holding the airconditioner in the window. No way anyone could climb into the window!




The following photo has a few things going on as you can see. The most apparent is the center of the photo looks like their is a small child resting his chin in his palm as if he is upset about something! The bottom circle looks like a little girl in really old clothing including a bonnet or an old hat tied under her chin. The top there is are several things going on and I will let you decide what you see there.


20170918_113643 (2).1


Thanks for coming by and checking out my photos. I do have more coming up including a blog specifically on the haunted armoires including the photos! Hope you all have a wonderful day!



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Some Weird Things That I Have Caught on Camera


Hello All! I have posted some photos here of some weird things that I have seen and caught on camera to share with you all! The first one here is of a sun ray that was coming through my window and shining on the wall while I was sitting in a chair watching tv. Low and behold my camera not being far away I captured it. It looked to me like an old black & white photo from back in the day. I hope you all can see what I see in this photo because I thought that it was pretty neat!!



This next one is of a what looked to be a shadow moving near a box that I was packing before i was to move.  To me it appeared as the shadow was throwing something in the box. I am not sure if it had planned on moving with me and was packing it’s things or what. I have not seen it since I moved but hey you never know!



This one here was taken after I moved. There were two old black enamel armoires in the bedroom when we moved in. I caught that they were weird from the beginning however we moved them into a corner and they stayed in the home the entire time we lived there. I did catch some really strange photos of them while we lived there and i do plan on sharing them here in future posts. This photo looked to me like an old steam engine train on the top and on the bottom an old Model A Car with someone sitting in it on the bottom. Now there is a story that goes along with this one that I will also share in a future post as well.



This photo is of the armoire again and it looked like there is a man peaking from the middle of the armoire out, a very light man on the left of the photo, a small square in the center with someone’s face in the center and various other figures of people doing various things and faces through out. If you look closely you will see them hopefully!



The following three photos were taken of the armoire as well and as you can see there is a giant an’s face in them and then the smaller images off to the side are ones that I have chosen that other people or faces appeared in the original photo.







This too again is the armoire and you can see the man’s face in it and I might add that most of the photos will run across either two or four doors of this armoire. Meaning one side of the person, persons, face or object will be on one and the rest will continue on one, two or three of the other doors. Sometimes one thing will be on one door and there will be a different scene or person the rest of the doors. Some of the photos you will see the door knobs of the armoire in the photo as is one of the above photos.



This was taken of the same armoire and I have circled the things that I have seen in the photo, many of them being faces and people. I do hope that they are not too light for you all to see.


This next one (armoire again) looks like one of those pictures that you would take in a photo booth at a carnival or somethings. It appears to be a baby laying on a sofa on the top half of the photo, which was the top door of the armoire and then on the bottom it looks like the same baby sitting up on the same sofa with someone sitting in front of them. If you look at the pattern on the sofa in the top of the photo it looks like the same pattern on the sofa that appears in the bottom part of the photo, which is the bottom door of  the armoire. Interesting, huh???

d.1                     e.1                  e.2

Bottom                                   Together                                Top

I do hope you all have enjoyed this post and the photos that I have shared. There are plenty more to come!

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Scrying With Water

Scrying is something that I learned to do a while ago and really did not get may noticeable results until I had my near death experience. Or maybe I did and never realized it until then. I am not sure. It is something that is very easy to do and anyone can do it.

All you need to do is put water in a metallic pot, pan or bowl. Gently push your container to create slight ripples or disturbance  in the water and while doing this you can either snap photos or do like I do and video tape it.  Now if you video tape it you will have to go frame by frame of the video to see what you have captured and screen snip or capture that individual frame. You may also have to edit the shot lightening or darkening the frame to get the full picture of what you have captured.

I have added some photos of some of the pictures that I have captured while scrying. If anyone else that has done this or just tries it and gets anything interesting, I would love to see it and would also be glad to share them for others to see as well. I would love to do a future article featuring the work of others as well. Again if you want any further info or if you have any questions for me please feel free to reach out!