I hate snakes…

This is something that I can totally relate to.  As far back as I can remember I have had a very real fear of snakes. It has to be one of the worst phobias that I can think of. I can not even look at a photo of a snake without getting creeped out.  When I see them on TV the same thing but when I see them in person, I have to tell you….the FEAR IS REAL!

I just wanted to give you a high five on the article!


I was trying to find an image of a snake I saw back in the early 2000s that was like 5 steps up our back stairs  and thought this was a good Idea to post  http://www.wildernesscollege.com/identify-snakes.html

I have 3 1/2 snake stories  I can tell you but the first 2 are the reason I hate snakes. Now I use hate as I’m not sure I’m actually afraid of them, tho I do get the willies when I see one, even when it’s voluntarily like writing this up.

My dad was  working on his VW Bug (punch Buggy .. or slug bug depending where you are from) and asked me to get something from inside. I walk down the walk and hear a hiss, looked around saw nothing and I guess thought dad was checking the tires. I heard another hiss, and spotted the snake (a garter)  and yelled. My dad…

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