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Cemetery Walk

Hi All!

If you get creeped out thinking about a walk through a cemetery, you are not alone! However, try being sensitive and doing it! If I were a spirit I wouldn’t want to hang out in a cemetery when there are so many more fun places to be! But like I said in my previous article they are everywhere so with that said I wanted to show you all a little bit of what I see while walking around a cemetery.

This photo shows what I saw in circles. One thing that I always see is People on the headstones. This leaves me to wonder if I am seeing the people that are meant to be in the grave that this headstone marks. I would love to know the answer to this as it is a common occurrence whenever I visit a cemetery or drive by one. On the headstone in the photo, there is a person in the center that I did not circle.



I also circled what I saw in this photo. In the foreground back by the tree, there is a long sideways circle where there appears to be a man crawling across the ground towards the tree. There are numerous things that appear that I circled and did not circle. I did not circle what I see on the other headstones and left them for you to see for yourself.



As I have mentioned in previous posts, I do not normally post orbs unless there is something that stands out about them. This photo is of an orb and thought that I would post it because it was very interesting!



The two following photos are what appeared on headstones at the cemetery. There appears to be two young children. This is an example of what I see when I see the headstones so you can see for yourself.

monaspirit5 (2)      monaspirit4 (2)


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