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Ghosts & Spirits Are Everywhere

Contrary to what some people may think, and this is solely my opinion, Spirits & Ghosts are everywhere. They are in your house, in your back yard, your kitchen, your attic, they are everywhere.

This does not have to mean that you are definitely going to be aware of them or that they even want you to know that they are there.  Some of them don’t want to be bothered and others are not even aware that they are dead going about their business and don’t even notice you.

As I mentioned in a previous blog it may be a case of overlaying of dimensions. It could be anything really. I am not an expert by any means nor do I claim to have all of the answers. I just am on my journey of enlightenment on the subject of the paranormal. If you are reading this I am sure that you are too. I want to share what I know and learn what I don’t know from the rest of you.

It seems I can not take a photo without some kind of spirit, spirit energy or something paranormal coming up in the photo. This makes it very difficult for me to sell things online. I have to take picture after picture to get the right one. I sometimes forget that other people aren’t necessarily seeing what I am in the photos leaving me to take a million photos. I have to ask them nicely to stay out of my photographs and they usually do.

This photo shows that spirits can show up anywhere. This is a photo that I took in my bedroom when I saw spirit energy on my curtains. I put the first photo in original format and the second one is in negative format. I circled what I see.

The first circle I see a person with a hooded robe

Second circle is a side profile of a little girl with a ruffled hat.

The third circle on top is a man with a hat and has a mustache. Above his hat also morphs into another face directly above him.

The fourth bottom circle is  a little boy with a hat on showing only half of his face

The fifth and final circle in the upper right hand corner there is a somene in a hooded robe.

1.7              1.9

ORIGINAL                                           NEGATIVE

This one was taken back in the woods, I came upon a bunch of abandoned old cars & trucks. I was alone and there were no buildings or people around.

I circled what I see in this one and what I see from left to right is:

First circle I see a little girl facing backwards in the back of the car

Second circle I see a woman standing with people in the background

Third circle on is a man kneeling down with a dog which looks like a poodle and

The fourth circle there appears to be a man wearing a black tank top with a long sleeve shirt over it with it falling off his shoulders and appears to be holding a gun.

In between circles three and four there is a man wearing a hat sideways. I have an arrow pointing to him.

There are also other objects and people through out as well and just left those for you to see for yourself. The last arrow points to a house that is in the image. This car was no where near a house so it could not be a reflection.


I hope you all enjoyed my post and I look forward to hearing from you all!

16 thoughts on “Ghosts & Spirits Are Everywhere”

  1. Is there any possibility that you could make your photos larger in the posts? I am having difficulty seeing them. What type of camera do you use? I am a psychic medium and I have other psychic mediums tell me that I am always surrounded by a bunch of Spirits but I have only had one photo come up with a Spirit showing up. Funny thing is that the Spirit who showed up in the photo is not one that follows me.

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    1. Yes I can make them larger. I can even send you them if you would like a copy. Problem is that I use my cell phone to take the photos and a lot of times when I enlarge them you lose the shot and it degrades the image. If there is a photo(s) you would like me to send to you I will gladly do that for you. Just let me know.

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  2. Interesting blog! I have a similar challenge when I try to video my children and their antics – they always have orbs and light anomalies whizzing around the shots. I also tend to find orbs on my photos, but I only sense the ghosts and spirits around me. I also have a companion in the spirit of my deceased Yorkshire Terrier. He died ten years ago but still comes to check up on me and cheer me up when I am feeling low 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome! Of course, you can see a couple of my best orb photos on this blog post:

        The first photo is me inside the Edinburgh Vaults in Scotland, a very famous haunted location, and a brilliant one. I loved that hunt! The second photo is from Walton Hall in Warrington, Cheshire, UK, which is a stately home that I found to be very unwelcoming when we did a ghost hunt there.

        I am currently putting together a book about my ghost hunts and my working title is “Ghost Hunter Diaires.” I will find some old photos to include in there as well if I can 🙂

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      2. Wow! I am so jealous that you got to go to these places. I mean here in the US we have some great places howeve over there it just seems these laces have a lot more history you know? I am going to take a good look at the photos and will let you know what I think and we can compare notes if you like! I too am writing a book about my experiences as well. I will be doing a posting when I get it finished and available! Thanks again! I hope to speak to you again soon!

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      3. We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful old buildings in the UK. Most of my ghost hunts were in the North West of England (where I live), but I also did a few in Wales and Scotland, and other locations. In fact, you inspired me to seek out some old photos from those ghost hunts, and I have orbs and light anomalies in nearly all of them. I will have to post some more on my blog, I think. Fond memories! 🙂

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      4. Hi I have not had the time to look at the photos closely yet but intend to tomorrow! I have been sick the last few days and am now starting to feel better. I am glad to hear that I have inspired you and look forward to seeing those photos!


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