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A Picture Tells a Thousand Stories

Good Day All! I had something that I really wanted to mention and find very intriguing about my spirit photos or anyone else’s spirit photos too I might add.

Sometimes when I tell you what I am seeing, this is what I am seeing at the moment. However sometimes I may go back to the very same photo and see something totally different. Also there may be different images overlapping other images in the photograph. I can look at it, look away and look back and see a totally different scene or person. I will sometimes see a person maybe looking to the left at a profile of their face and when I turn my head and look back, I then see them looking forward directly at me. I am not sure if you all see this or not so if you see something different than what I am saying that I am seeing this could be why.

I am not sure what the reason is for this but do have a couple ideas on what it could be. I can sometimes get an entire story out of a photograph. I will see a person, scenes from their life, and maybe a death scene all from one photo or a series of photos. This is something that I plan to get into at another time, in another blog. So if you find this interesting keep an eye out for it.

The other idea that I have for the reason that this happens is that it could be a case of multiple dimensions. They could be images overlapping images of different dimensions or timeframes. Again just a couple ideas. I am not sure why but it could be one of these reasons. I am open to any ideas that anyone may have. So if you have another thought on it I would be more than happy to hear from you and what your idea is.

The photos that I have included in this article are all of the sky again. I had a great day taking photos. There were a lot of clouds in the sky today as it was about to rain here.

Here goes my clowns again and if you have been reading my blogs you will know that clowns are a recurring theme in my photos. Why? I am not sure. But I guess I will have the answer one day. So in this photo I see a creepy looking clown, a woman with curly hair, and another woman in the lower left hand corner looking the other way.


This next photo is appears as a Victorian Era Woman With a large hat, high collar and wild curly hair she is holding a child to the right of her. This is where the image over image comes into play. They appeared very large in the sky and there is a face of a young girl above them and to the left upper corner there appears to be a man and a woman just sitting there.

kimg4348.4            kimg4348.5

This one looks like a woman with sunglasses on and a child to her right.



It appears that there are various people that appeared in this photo and I will leave it up to you what you will see in the circles.


The next one is a couple clowns again. There appears to be a woman laying down with flowers around her head with a clown leaning over next to her and there is a clown mask laying in front of her



This one looks like a person with a hat on who looks as if they are looking at dolls laying in front of them. KIMG4356


I will end in saying thank you to you all for taking interest in my blog and article subject. You are much appreciated!







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