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Some Weird Things That I Have Caught on Camera


Hello All! I have posted some photos here of some weird things that I have seen and caught on camera to share with you all! The first one here is of a sun ray that was coming through my window and shining on the wall while I was sitting in a chair watching tv. Low and behold my camera not being far away I captured it. It looked to me like an old black & white photo from back in the day. I hope you all can see what I see in this photo because I thought that it was pretty neat!!



This next one is of a what looked to be a shadow moving near a box that I was packing before i was to move.  To me it appeared as the shadow was throwing something in the box. I am not sure if it had planned on moving with me and was packing it’s things or what. I have not seen it since I moved but hey you never know!



This one here was taken after I moved. There were two old black enamel armoires in the bedroom when we moved in. I caught that they were weird from the beginning however we moved them into a corner and they stayed in the home the entire time we lived there. I did catch some really strange photos of them while we lived there and i do plan on sharing them here in future posts. This photo looked to me like an old steam engine train on the top and on the bottom an old Model A Car with someone sitting in it on the bottom. Now there is a story that goes along with this one that I will also share in a future post as well.



This photo is of the armoire again and it looked like there is a man peaking from the middle of the armoire out, a very light man on the left of the photo, a small square in the center with someone’s face in the center and various other figures of people doing various things and faces through out. If you look closely you will see them hopefully!



The following three photos were taken of the armoire as well and as you can see there is a giant an’s face in them and then the smaller images off to the side are ones that I have chosen that other people or faces appeared in the original photo.







This too again is the armoire and you can see the man’s face in it and I might add that most of the photos will run across either two or four doors of this armoire. Meaning one side of the person, persons, face or object will be on one and the rest will continue on one, two or three of the other doors. Sometimes one thing will be on one door and there will be a different scene or person the rest of the doors. Some of the photos you will see the door knobs of the armoire in the photo as is one of the above photos.



This was taken of the same armoire and I have circled the things that I have seen in the photo, many of them being faces and people. I do hope that they are not too light for you all to see.


This next one (armoire again) looks like one of those pictures that you would take in a photo booth at a carnival or somethings. It appears to be a baby laying on a sofa on the top half of the photo, which was the top door of the armoire and then on the bottom it looks like the same baby sitting up on the same sofa with someone sitting in front of them. If you look at the pattern on the sofa in the top of the photo it looks like the same pattern on the sofa that appears in the bottom part of the photo, which is the bottom door of  the armoire. Interesting, huh???

d.1                     e.1                  e.2

Bottom                                   Together                                Top

I do hope you all have enjoyed this post and the photos that I have shared. There are plenty more to come!

26 thoughts on “Some Weird Things That I Have Caught on Camera”

  1. My husband and I used to go Ghost Hunting and are good friends with a medium. Had some great experiences. Will share on my blog sometime. Thats not me trying to get you to follow me (well a bit) but i look forward to following you 😊

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      1. Absolutely! And you’re most welcome. My visions are mostly of the deceased and my dreams usually prewarn who will pass on could be days, weeks, or within a year.
        I never understood it until roughly 15 yrs ago, but my dreams started at around 7 yrs old and I have physically seen spirits off and on throughout my life some I don’t know, some I do…
        I will certainly be looking forward to more of your work! 😊

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    I have had spirit photos over the years but I never set out to capture them. I used to do automatic writing in the early 70’s. I can tell you that it can be dangerous as it leads to “other” things. Seek and you will find applies, to the 29th power!!!

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    1. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I love to hear other people’s stories. I do know that and am a firm believer in don’t start sh$t there won’t be sh$t! I hear what you are saying. I do always do prayer protections before I do anything. Thank you for reaching out and for letting me know I do really appreciate it!



    I have had spirit photos over the years but I never set out to capture them. I used to do automatic writing in the early 70’s. I can tell you that it can be dangerous as it leads to “other” things. Seek and you will find applies, to the 29th power!!!

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      1. A pleasure
        Kind Regards and all the best with your blog

        happy phographing
        “the world’s absolutely worst photographer” c

        Best wishes from the First City to see the light


    1. Hi! THank you for taking the time to write to me. Yes i Have and the larger they are the more they degrade and the image is lost. The ones that I can post larger, I do. If there is one or more that you would like to see I would be more than happy to send you a copy of the image. Please let me know!

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