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Introduction to My Blog

I first would like to introduce myself. My name is Dawn and I began my journey into the world of paranormal photography with a near death experience that I had about 4 years ago.

I fell ill and ended up in the hospital. I thought that I had just caught the flu and that it would go away in a day or two but to my surprise by the time I was taken to the emergency room. The Dr. advised my husband and daughter that if I had not come in at that time that I would have most certainly have died by the next morning.

To make a long story short I recovered in 4 days and was well enough to be released and went home.

This is when I started to realize that I was seeing things that no one else was seeing. I would see people where there were no people, objects in places where there were none, writing in places where no one else could see it! This drove me absolutely nuts and was thinking that my illness had really taken an effect on my brain.

Then one day I was looking at old photographs an yes you guessed it, I saw people, objects and writing in these as well. When I first asked my husband if he saw anything in the photos he would say no. Then when I would point it out or circle it he would then see. I found this very interesting but still was sceptical that maybe he was seeing it because I pointed it out. Then I would ask other people and low and behold some of them would point out what I was seeing without my coaching so I knew I was onto something. I was very excited to be able to show this off to anyone that would look.

This is when I started to photograph what i was seeing in an attempt to show it everyone else. I have been doing spirit photography and automatic writing for approx 3 1/2 years now. I have also been asked to check out and analyze anything that I see in photos that others have submitted to me. I do not claim to be psychic or a medium by any means but have had many positive affirmations on things that have come to me.

All of the photographs that you will see on my blog are authentic. There is no purpose in posting anything that is fake. It kind of defeats the purpose. I do adjust the lighting, contrast, etc on some so the images can be seen by others. This is a must in the spirit photography world. If everyone could see it then there would be no need to take the photograph. I will also add circles and arrows to point out what I want you to see.

I am not trying to convert anyone, make anyone believe in anything that they don’t believe in, or turn sceptics into believers. I simply would like to show off my craft. Help anyone that I can help. Answer any questions that I can and so on. If you are a sceptic or a non believer I do welcome you and I do hope you enjoy my blog. I welcome any questions or comments you or anyone may have for me. Everyone is welcome & do genuinely hope you all enjoy what is to come!

The photo was taken at a house fire on the property I was living on last year. The face of a man appeared to be peeking around the chimney. There were also other things that came up in this photo however this was the easiest thint to spot. This spirit seen here was a regular of mine and I do have a bunch of photos of him. I grew to know him very well over the 2 years that I lived there.


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